Here is where I'm gonna try to get a bunch of you Ring fans to join together and talk about ring stuff! Lol!  No, but in this site, I have pics of the movies and cast and music, videos from Youtube and such, so feel free to check those out and contact me and contact others, just email me you guys' addresses and I'll post them up for you guys to get in touch with each other and I should have a blog up too!  That's the only way you fans out there can get in touch on this site anyway so let's keep this great trilogy alive!

The Hunt For Gollum

The new fan made film, made for fans by fans, is out!  As of May 3rd, The Hunt For Gollum hit online theaters nationwide!  It is great too, I saw it May 3rd as soon as it was released.  Amazing!  To watch it go here.